The World is a book, and those that don’t travel read only a page


Over 3 Million miles, four times around the world, 43 countries, 26 different airlines…..

Travel has always fascinated me. I embarked on my first international journey at 15 years, and since then I haven’t stopped seeing the world.  At 20 years I started working as a Flight Attendant, which gave me the opportunity to see many countries free of charge.  When I was a little older, I started playing the “Mileage game” – finding ways to rack up airline miles and travel the world most times for a few dollars, and I haven’t stopped since. My journey has taken me through the good and bad of travel – meeting famous people, travelling First & Business Class most of the time, and experiencing terrorist attacks, traffic accidents, losing luggage, and meeting the local people. I was a professional photographer, and always capture my adventures every where I travel.

People ask me if i am a travel agent, and the answer is no.  I consider myself a travel hacker – that sometimes can “beat” the system and not “cheat” the system.  Sometimes I find fares that are not available on the internet, and most times I have got to adjust my trip to accommodate the dates that are the cheapest, and fly out at short notice.  I do not sell airline tickets, cruises, or travel….that is for the travel agents to do.

I have been incredibly fortunate to have my daughter Natasha accompany me on most of my travels.  Natasha shares the same thirst and love for travel and adventure that I have, and has traveled with me from her young days and does so even now.  She loves the outdoors and unknown mysteries of foreign lands, and has accumulated more miles than most girls her age.  She is also my backup photographer on safari.



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