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Updates on error fares, cheap flights, and any good offers that our readers can benefit from.

Error Fare – Los Angeles – Panama


Our web crawlers found this ERROR FARE a few minutes ago. Los Angeles – Panama – Los Angeles for $149!! Notice that the return flight has a “zero” fare? Go to Orbitz and type in the dates we have listed or try different dates!! This is a great deal if you can get the dates you want. THE ERROR FARE COULD BE GONE AT ANY TIME!


$257 to Cuba And Back


$257 TICKET TO CUBA AND BACK! From San Francisco, Houston, Chicago, and New York on Delta. Just got this information by doing some good travel hacking! Available in December and January – great months for travelling due to vacation. For several decades Cuba was not accessible for American tourists, and now the embargo has been lifted. It would be a good time to visit before thousands of tourists start pouring in spoil everything and also increase prices! This deal will be gone as soon as word gets out on the internet travel sites.

Washington DC – Chile – Washington DC – $386


WASHINGTON DC – CHILE – WASHINGTON DC FOR ONLY $386. LOOKS LIKE AN ERROR ON COPA AIRLINES!!! Just checked by making a mock reservation for December 30 – January 10, and it went through. Never seen this price from DC before, and makes sense to even fly a couple of hours to DC to connect.
Other dates of availability:
November 2nd to 11th
November 9th to 18th
November 10th to 20th
November 12th to 22nd
Novembe 27th to December 6th
December 30th to January 10th
January 6th to 17th