What I can do for you as a Travel Adviser



As a Travel Adviser, I will find the best deals for you that are currently available.  Many of these may be unavailable in the internet or still not published.  Many of these deals are mistake fares or promotional fares that the airlines intentionally publish, but do not advertise it to the public.  With my love for travel, I have taken advantage of these fares to see the world, like my $367 trip from Los Angeles to Johannesburg, $169 trip to Peru, $199 trip to Panama, and $210 to New Zealand.

Most often, I put these heavily discounted fares out even before other internet sites such as Priceline, Expedia, and Kayak find them. In fact, most of the big travel agents don’t even publish these fares as the commission they receive is very small.  So it is not worth the trouble.  I have helped many of my friends in the years gone by to get some incredible fares, and they have appreciated it.


These fares are not for everybody as you need to arrange your travel dates as to when these fares are available. Most are non-refundable after purchase and date changes are not allowed.  Purchase must be made without delay as the fare could get taken off at any team  Basically you snooze, you lose.  We try to get the information out to you as soon as possible before it gets out to the real world and hundreds and thousand of people try to purchase it.


Note:  I am not a Travel Agent and I do not sell airline tickets.  I will refer or link  you to the error fare or discounted fare.