Q: How are you able to get these incredibly low fares?

A: I have several decades of travel experience.  Having played the “Mileage Game” (Getting the most out of your frequent flyer miles and earning the maximum) over the years has taught me many tricks of the trade.    I have different sources that alert me, including travel hackers.  Also, being able to legally get in to fare information that the regular traveler is unable to see is a tremendous advantage, and gives me a head start when booking time is limited.

Q: If I have frequent flyer miles, will you help me book a flight?

A: Yes.  There are clients that are unable to find the flights they need and they have requested me to reserve their flights for them.  Sometimes, when availability is not available, I can book them on and alternate routing to still get them to their destination.  Having access to available seating “live” on most routes in the world, is an advantage, and knowing  what aircraft flies on which route (oh yes,  certain aircraft are much more comfortable than others) is also an advantage.  I will also help you get the best available seat and alert you if an upgrade is available.  I charge $50 per passenger for international flights, and you do not pay if I am unable to find you a seat on your trip.

Q: Will you help me book a regular flight at the lowest fare?

A: I will let you know the lowest fare available to your destination on a one way or return ticket.  If alternates are available, I will advise you on what airline is best for you and what type of aircraft is used on that route.  Having flown on many different airlines, there are some that I will never fly on again, and some that I will always try to fly on. I will also set you up with flight alerts, and even do changes for you (you pay the associated fee to the airline).  I charge $25 for this service for any flight.  This fee often saves you much more than what you may have paid for the airline ticket.

Q: Do you do group travel for 6 or more people?

A: No. With the low priced fares that I have access to, purchasing many tickets is not possible.  Most of the mistake fares and low priced tickets are few in number.