How Important Is Insurance?

I never had travel insurance for many years because I thought I never needed it.  Then, I started losing bags, and eventually it got as bad as one in three flights that my baggage never arrived on carousel.

I started thinking about it seriously when I arrived in Sri Lanka minus both my checked in bags, and no clothes to change into.  A few years later, my daughter and I arrived in Nairobi, and one of my bags was still in Amsterdam.  I was going to be in the middle of nowhere next day, without a bag.  Most recently, we arrived in Johannesburg, with our bags in new York.  But this time we were covered, and used our insurance money to buy clothing and essentials for the next few days while our bags were redirected to our home in California.

After much research, I would recommend the following to choose your insurance package.  I have recommended this to all my safari clients as it offers what is needed at a good rate.



One of the most important thing I check for is to see if there is enough coverage for BAGGAGE LOSS AND DELAY.  There should be enough coverage to buy clothes and other essentials until your bag arrives or never arrives.  You also need to check how many hours it takes for your baggage delay insurance to take effect.  You do not want to wait more than 24 hours, and anything less than that would be good.  Most of the policies I have purchased have given me 12 hours.

MEDICAL EVACUATION is important, and all safari companies make this mandatory if you are in Kenya.  It is also good to have medical evacuation anytime you are in ANY foreign country, as you never know when you will need it.  I would recommend at least $100,000 coverage as airlifts are very costly.

There are a few other things that are good to have, such as TRIP INTERRUPTION, NON-MEDICAL EVACUATION, and MISSED CONNECTION, which is when you miss your connecting flight and need insurance to cover lodging, taxi, and meals.