No, No, No, Delta Is Not Giving Away Free Tickets


The airline free ticket scam is on again on Facebook (I have cautioned you previously about British Airways and Emirates!) Someone sends you a message that you have won air tickets. You click on the link and enter your phone number. You end up with no air tickets, have several sales people call you or end up at your door step (as phone numbers can be tracked to your home), and your FB page gets taken over.

SO WHAT SHOULD YOU DO? Never EVER click on those free deals, even if it is sent as a personal message. All it takes is a click, and a bug could be inserted into your computer that takes control of your computer and steals/changes passwords. At least 6 people I personally know have had this happen to them. Then, you go on their list as a “sucker”, and your information is shared among thousands of other scam artists around the world. The worst is when they know where you live, and turn up at your doorstep to pick up your “deposit”. Sharing your post with friends only adds more contacts to the bad guys’ list, and your friends are going to be mad at you.

All this happened to one of our members yesterday, and a lesson learned the hard way, but she is wiser now. The bottom line – NO AIRLINE IS GOING TO GIVE YOU FREE TICKETS. NO, NOT EVEN FOR SHARING THEIR DEAL WITH YOUR FACEBOOK FRIENDS!!!!

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