Our Recommended Travel Essentials



DESIGN GO FOOTREST – I always take this along with me on long flights when I fly Economy.  Simply inflate it and rest your feet on top.  You will be surprised what a big difference it makes to your flight.  Around $12.46.  Click HERE to purchase.41KuntdD9CL._SL133_




DIGITAL LUGGAGE SCALE – I carry this in my hand luggage and weigh my checked in luggage after I pack it.  Saves you a lot of trouble when your luggage is overweight and you have to spend extra, or unpack your bag and take items out.  Around $8.95.  Click HERE to purchase.  







TSA APPROVED COMBINATION LUGGAGE LOCKBefore I started using TSA locks my lock has been cut many times. Then I started using a regular TSA lock which resulted in the zipper tag breaking off when it snagged something during its many trips on the luggage belt.  By using a lock with a flexible cable, the lock will stay flexible and the chances of it snagging on to something and breaking your zipper tag is rare.  About $7.50.  Click HERE to purchase. 






RAVPOWER PORTABLE CHARGER – There are several portable phone chargers out there, and after testing several, I found a winner.  I have been using my RavPower portable charger for over two years, and it gives me the same results as to when i first bought.  During travel, sometimes it is impossible to find a charger, and most Economy class airline seats do not have a USB port or a plug point….That’s when the RavPower comes out!  About $32.  Click HERE to purchase.