There are many that will be travelling during Thanksgiving. Here are a few thoughts on Thanksgiving travel from me, and it is not too early to plan.

Some people have asked me what the best day would be to travel during Thanksgiving. The day with the least air travel is the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, but the airports will still be packed and you need to get there well ahead of time as drop off access roads and TSA lines will be long.
TIP – When traffic into the terminal gets jammed, get dropped off at the ‘Arrival’ level and take the elevator up. It will save you a lot of time, and stress.

Consider Lyft or Uber to get you to the airport, and your friend or family member will not have to inch their way in heavy traffic to
drop you off. Even getting dropped off at a location close to the airport and taking a Lyft or Uber from there will cause less stress for the person dropping you off.

There are no cheap tickets during Thanksgiving, and every flight will be full, and possibly overbooked. Check in early and get to the gate early to minimize your chances of getting offloaded. Most times, it is the passengers that get to the gate last that get taken off. Be careful of falling for ‘voluntary bumping’ for financial compensation, as every flight will be fully booked or overbooked. Once you are off your flight you might not get on one again!

As ticket prices are sky high during Thanksgiving, think about using your airline miles, if you have any. While I would not recommend using miles for travel within the US, this might be the one time you want to do so, after checking the price.

Almost every year, I have flown internationally on Thanksgiving Day or the day after. Most people do not fly on these days and I have found that flying Business Class using airline miles is wide open. Right now, One World and Star Alliance are showing a lot of destinations open if you are using airline miles.

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