OMG! The Kenya safari was the best trip ever and I have traveled! This is most different and interesting trip. Loved seeing all the animals up close and personal in their own habitat. Accommodations and food spectacular !!! – Jan R.

Thank you so much Ravi for helping me purchase a ticket to Barcelona at the last minute.  You not only got me on a flight, but got me a ticket for $192 less than what I could find on the internet.            – Karen C .

How fortunate I was to have Ravi book my Business Class flight to Nairobi on Emirates Airlines.  Never having flown internationally, I was anxious about booking the flight, flight times, seating choices, location of lounges, airport transportation etc.  Everything was handled quickly and efficiently by Ravi.  All I had to do was relax and enjoy the experience.  I had a wonderful time and would not hesitate to use his services again or refer him to a friend. – Linda C.

Costa Rica and Panama here we come!  Thank you Ravi for working two hours after midnight to make Costa Rica and Panama possible for all six of us!  You saved us almost $900.  – Mike S.

I have never been out of California.  Thank you for making it possible to fly to amazing Thailand for less than $400.  – Susan G.