That Note 7 Causing All The Trouble!

We were one of the first travel blogs that came out with the news about the hazards of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The United States was all quiet, while three Australian airlines banned the phone more than one month ago. Since then the phone started heating up and catching fire on plane travelling within the US.

Effective yesterday, at noon, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone is now banned on flights. This means that the Note 7 is a forbidden hazardous material, which the punishment can result in heavy fines and even imprisonment if brought on board an aircraft.

Last week, Serendipity’Ntravel spoke with one of our readers – a Flight Attendant on Alaska Airlines. The FA advised us that Alaska started carrying a fire containment bag on their aircraft. In case of a phone catching fire, a crew member puts on special gloves and loads the device into a fire containment bag and seals the flap. The fire is extinguished in the sealed bag due to the lack of oxygen. Unlike previous fires occurring on aircraft, there will be less or no smoke, less damage, and no need for emergency evacuation like the last fire on the Southwest flight on October 5.

Pictured below is what a heat containment bag looks like.


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