The attacks in Turkey

Will the deadly attack in Istanbul, Turkey, leaving 39 dead and several injured put a dent on tourism into Turkey and affect Turkish Airlines as well? As the dead were mostly tourists, the attacker did not differentiate between locals and foreigners, and seemed to target a location that served both. Terrorist attacks and explosions in Turkey are not rare, and I was in Turkey in early 2016 when an explosion disrupted Istanbul two hours before my flight to the US departed. The airport was sealed to prevent anyone getting in and out, and I was fortunate to be inside the airport. At the time of writing, the US State Department has not made any changes to the previous travel warning issued in October 2016 which stated that US citizens should not travel to certain areas in Turkey.

Turkish Airways is one of the best in the world, with an exceptional Business Class service that outclasses First Class on most other airlines. I experienced their service on the long flight from Istanbul to Los Angeles, and was pampered with their food service served on a trolley, menu selection for your choice of bedding, a tea and coffee service fit for royalty, and friendly cabin crew that would go overboard to make you comfortable. It would be a shame to see this airline go down with less passengers flying into Turkey or transiting through there to Asia or Africa.

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